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Letters Update Information

Release Version 8.0000.1110 and 7.0000.2810 August 2021

Changes to Section 8 Notice outputs.

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) versions for 4 Months and wording changes

Version 8 only - Rent Statement section

Release Version 8.0000.1050 and 7.0000.2800 July 2021

Changes to the Form 6A (Section 21) outputs.

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) versions for 4 Months

Release Version 8.0000.0500 and 7.0000.2700 January 2021

Changes to the Tenancy agreements. These changes include consolidation of Insured and Custodial versions into single documents.

Tenancy Documents added

Tenancy Documents removed

Tenancy Documents updated

Wording changes on Sentences used by Tenancy Agreements

Detailed change documents

2-Contractual-Tenancies-changes 3-12.pdf

Release Version 8.0000.0100 and 7.0000.2610 September 2020

Document updates changes and fixes

Two newly added outputs for the changes to rules of eviction in response to Covid.

Release Version 7.0000.2400 and 6.7100.5050 November 2019

Document updates changes and fixes

Tenancy Documents updated

Changes to paragraphs

Note that no paragraph numbers have changed.

Wording edited to make it clearer that the tenant is permitted to occupy but is not a "Permitted Occupier".

The word "agree" has been replaced with "understand" to make it clear processing of the data is not based on consent.
The words Council Tax have been removed to avoid problems with the tenant fee ban where council tax cannot be paid to the landlord.
Added other things like security fobs and remotes to key to be returned. The definition of returning to the landlord or agent has been removed to standardise the wording.

We have replaced the word "attached" with "provided" as one court case held that it was not complaint as it was not stapled!

Use of the word "term" has been replaced by "element" to make the usage consistent.

The word "Contractor" has been removed to make the clause apply to any appointment.

Wording grammar altered slightly from "Clean the windows of the Property" to "Ensure the windows of the Property are cleaned"

Add new item to list: ", wet wipes (including "flushable wet wipes")"
Add new text to list: "or evidence of damage or breach of tenancy"

Added new text: "or other access devices"

Added new text: "or radiators"

Return to the landlord or landlord's agent has been removed to standardise the paragraph.

Access fobs and remotes added and return to landlord or agent removed to standardise.

On the last line, there is a comma added after the word "accommodation" to improve the grammar.

The clause has been widened from just damage to the property to damages for breach of contract.

Section 11 repairing obligations are in section 11(1) so we have added the sub para number.

These clauses vary by deposit scheme. However, as in 1.8, we have removed the word "attached" for the prescribed information.

TDS address updated following their move after the fire.

The DPS version reference to the CIA has been removed as The DPS no longer use them.

Tenancy Agreement - Contractual
(2.5 Break Clause)
Added the word "single"
Punctuation changes
Added text "during the Term only or the last known address of the Landlord's Agent at any time or"

Changes to paragraph sentences

Agreement paragraph:
Cap and collar removed from the rent increase and it is now a simpler CPI increase.

"Agree" changed to "Understand"

Agreement paragraphs: 2.5.1/2.5.2/2.5.3
Use of the word "term" has been replaced by "element" to make the usage consistent.

If Minimum Period is zero, then this is deemed to be the same as Lease Term

Release Version 6.7100.5000 May 2019

The documents listed below have been updated to be compatible with the Tenant Fees Ban legislation that comes into force on 1st June 2019.

Only system provided documents and sentences are updated, any custom documents will need to be manually updated by the agent or contact Estates IT for further assistance.

Property Documents Updated

ZP11_804101_01_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - DPS Custodial"
ZP11_804101_02_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - DPS Insured"
ZP11_804104_01_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - TDS Custodial"
ZP11_804104_02_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - TDS Insured"
ZP11_804107_01_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - MyDeposits Custodial"
ZP11_804107_02_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - MyDeposits Insured"
ZP11_804109_01_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - No Deposit"
ZP11_804109_02_TFP - "Tenancy Agreement - Contractual"
ZP11_804470_TFP - "Section 8 Notice (England)"
ZP11_801614_TFP - "Advice on Schedule Two Grounds for Possession"
ZP11_804440_TFP - "Form 6A (S21) Notice Possession of property on AST"
ZP11_804255_TFP - "Specimen Rent In Advance Clause"
ZP11_804518_TFP - "Lead Tenant Change Form"
ZP11_804406_TFP - "Council Tax Contractual Periodic Letter"
ZP11_803210_S - "Tenant Receipt Holding Payment"
ZP11_803212_S - "Tenant T&C with Deposit, Rental & Cost Summary"
ZP11_803216_S - "Tenant T&C with Financial Summary - Not Repayable"
ZP11_803218_S - "Tenant T&C with Financial Summary - Repayable"
ZP11_803240_S - "Tenant Statement - Initial Statement"

These are now hidden on release:
ZP11_803214_S - "Tenant Receipt Holding Deposit With Admin"
ZP11_801206_TFP - "Scale of Charges Listing"

Diary Offer Event Outputs Updated

ZD24_000500_S - "Tenant Summary Initial Funds & Fees"
ZD24_000550_S - "Tenant Receipt Holding Payment"
ZD24_000560_S - "Tenant Summary Deposit Rental & Charge"

Updates prior to 2019

Letters Update Information 2018 and before